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Woodside Real Estate

Woodside is located on the San Francisco Peninsula, midway between San Jose and San Francisco, just north of Silicon Valley, in San Mateo County.

Much of Woodside is wooded, with redwoods dominating in the western hills and more oaks and eucalyptus in the lower areas. San Francisco Bay lies to the east, while Pacific Ocean beaches lie to the west. The Santa Cruz mountains separate Woodside from the ocean.

The town is home to the famous Buck’s of Woodside restaurant, which is well known among Silicon Valley entrepreneurs as the location where many VC investment deals have been signed. The inside of the restaurant is decorated with historic Silicon Valley artifacts.

Horses are part of the local culture. Numerous residents keep horses, and the town government maintains a network of horse trails. The town is also quite popular among local cyclists and draws them in large numbers on weekends. There are many popular road cycling routes.  Woodside is home to several open space preserves, including the Purisima Open Space (which is part of the Mid-Peninsula Regional Open Space), where both horseback riding and biking are allowed.  For mountain biking, the famous Skeggs Point is in Woodside along Skyline Boulevard.

As is true of most of the California coastal areas, weather in Woodside is usually mild during most of the year. Summers are dry and can be hot.

The average sales price of Single Family Homes in Woodside in 2019 was $3,672,149.